U.S. Divers LUX LX Purge Phoenix Pivot Mask Fin & Snorkel Set


Brand U.S. Divers

Looking for a great Snorkeling Set for the upcoming season? The US Divers LUX Purge LX Mask is a Ladies Sized Mask that One-Size-Fits-Most. The Mask is a Four-Window Design for a Panoramic View. This Tempered Glass Lens Mask has a Hypoallergenic Silicone Double Feathered Edge Skirt with a Wide Split Strap Design for a Perfect Fit and Ultimate Comfort on the Face. The Straps Pro-Glide Buckles provide for Easy Adjustments. The Mask is equipped with a One-Handed Nose Pocket for Easy Ear Equalization. The LUX Purge LX is a Medium Volume Mask design. In the Bottom- of-the-Nose Pocket is a One-Way Purge Valve. The patented Soft Purge is for Improved Comfort and Effortless Purging of Water. The Soft Purge along with a Channeled Skirt Design Directs-Bubbles away from viewing area. The Phoenix LX Snorkel has a Submersible, Dry Top with Pivot Dry Technology - Designed to Keep-Water-Out of the Breathing Tube Above-and-Below the Surface of the Water. The Snorkels Ergonomic Silicone Mouthpiece provides Comfort and Reduces Jaw Fatigue. The Snorkels Flex Section Maximizes Comfort and Improves Fit and the One-Way Purge Valve make Clearing-any-Residual-Moisture in the Contoured Snorkel Tube Easy. This Unique Snorkel also comes equipped with a Built-In Whistle for Signaling your Buddy or to Gain-Attention on the Surface. The Phoenix LX is equipped with an Easy-to-Use Snorkel Keeper for attachment to the Mask.

The US Divers Fins features Pivot Flex Technology that allows for Reduced-Fin-Length while providing Increased-Efficiency and Comfort. The Short Vented Blade Design is great for travel. The Fins has a Soft-and-Comfortable Foot Pocket with Composite Adjustable Buckle Heel Strap and Large Strap Finger Loop for Easy Donning and Doffing. This great Snorkeling Set comes with a Fabric and Mesh Transport and Storage Bag for convenience. Snorkeling Set is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.


Sm/Med 4-8.5 shoe size

L/XL 9-13 Shoe Size