MP Michael Phelps Strength Swim Paddle


Brand MP

The Strength Paddle is a high-performance resistance tool that provides a natural feel of the water thanks to its shape and raised palm supports.

  • Designed to mimic the natural bone structure of the hand for a more natural pulling motion
  • Vents and palm risers enhance feel for the water
  • Ergonomic wrist strap and finger loop are fully adjustable, durable and streamlined

Reviews from our customers:

"Love them!  Price was important to me, and was looking at another brand when the owner suggested I try this. Now have 3 friends who use them." -Martha

"Brought a pair for myself and the wife took mine.  Went back to get my own pair." -Tammy and Greg 

"My daughter ask me to pick up a pair for college. I did, but used them first. Sent hers off and went back for mine." -Stacie

"Just back into swimming and needed all new equipment.  Friends made many suggestions.  Listened to staff at local shop, A-Gleam Swimwear. They told me to try paddles on and see what fit best. I did and the paddles by Michael Phelps are Great. Even purchased his snorkel." -Mason

"Purchased hand paddles and snorkel by Micheal Phelps.  Love them both. Paddles not only look great they do not pull on my shoulder as others and the snorkel does not hit the wall when I flip." -Kim