FINIS Jr. Swimmer's Snorkel



  • Training Tool Helps beginner swimmers concentrate on basics like floating, pulling and kicking without  having to worry about rotating their head to breathe
  • Center-Mount Design Relax in the water in order to focus on stroke and improve technique
  • Shorter Tube Length Two inches shorter in length makes it easier on children's lungs
  • Adjustable Head Bracket Can be worn in conjunction with swim cap and goggles
  • One-Way Purge Valve Allows for clear and easy breathing
  • All Four Swim Strokes Stays in place for all competitive strokes, including flip turns
  • Silicone Mouth Piece Soft, comfortable and flexible medical grade silicone
  • Nose Clip Included Helps to prevent water from entering the nose during the introductory period
  • Front Positioning Swim at slower speeds with perfect stability
  • Made for Children 8-12 Years