FINIS Forearm Fulcrum Paddles



  • Teaches Early Vertical Forearm (EVF) Position Promotes a proper stroke pull that utilizes the entire forearm
  • Develop EVF Muscle Memory Locks hand, wrist and forearm into optimal position; does not allow wrist to break
  • High Elbow Position Initiates pull by lifting the elbow for a high catch
  • Improve Stroke  Efficiency Maintain a strong, uninterrupted pull from the beginning to the very end of the stroke
  • Focus on Stroke Development Specifically made for stroke refinement and technique work
  • Figure Eight Design Made of a durable plastic that fits around the arm, and integrates a soft rubber padding to rest against
  • All Four Swim Strokes Promotes EVF with all four competitive strokes
  • Easy on the Shoulders Open design allows water to be felt against the forearm and hand, and does not provide resistance