Swim Spray

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Brand Swim Spray

Chlorine is a form of bleach and is an excellent sanitizer, that s why it s used in swimming pools, spas, and water parks. Chlorine bonds to your hair and skin, leaving a film of bleach covering your body - you know because you smell like chlorine. However, it s not just the chlorine odor. The bleach on your hair and skin is common associated with causing dry, itchy, and irritated skin and dry, crunchy, and discolored hair. Shampoos, soaps, and body washes don t work, because they can t break the bond between chlorine and your hair and skin. SwimSpray uses a patented (U.S. Patent No. 9,301,909; other worldwide patents granted and applications pending) vitamin C technology to immediately neutralize the chlorine on your body - eliminating the residual chlorine that can damage and irritate your hair and skin. SwimSpray is the first product that removes the chlorine from your hair and skin. SwimSpray works in a safe, gentle, and all-natural way. SwimSpray prevents discoloration and leaves your hair soft and moisturized. SwimSpray keeps your skin from drying out and becoming itchy or irritated